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Informed: Identifying Systemic Challenges

Individually we confront these challenges to the best of our ability when they strike our work places – one customer, one worker, one pay check, one regulatory issue, one financial question, one shareholder at a time. To provide the vision and leadership Wisconsin needs, we must act collectively and collaboratively as members of the Wisconsin Business Council.

Engaged: Enabling Collorative Strategies

Members of the Wisconsin Business Council are leaders who want to see concrete results from the time and energy they commit to understanding the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Wisconsin. WBC is dedicated to helping its members create and protect a sustainable pro-business environment in Wisconsin.

Effective: Delivering Concrete Results

Ultimately, the Wisconsin Business Council wants to see good ideas generate good public policy and sound operating practices as quickly and efficiently as possible. We think that means that Wisconsin’s business leaders have to interact effectively with their counterparts in the governmental, civic and academic communities. WBC is committed to making sure that our members have a seat at the table.